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Welcome to my website and blog I am a director and writer making films for cinema, transmedia release, commercials, content and digital content.

I am not a great blogger, but you never know I might end up using this area a great deal. 1000 things go through your mind every day, the biggest question is what is the most important? Sometimes that’s between me and the page. I guess that is why I write.

I watched Lonely Man by Harmony Korine last night and I loved it’s irreverence, and the freedom that he gives himself. I wonder if UK film funders would take the courage to back a project like that? I do have one, but like him it’s set partly, well mostly in France.

The hardest thing to do is find the time to write and the money so you don’t have to run around trying to earn cash so you can have time off to do it. Sometimes I wish i could find more good script and projects rather than feel I have to write them myself. So I’m on the look out for that great collaborator and mischief maker to play with.

November 2013
Recently one of my feature films was selected for the IFP in NYC. The IFP is the most valuable and rewarding experience I have had recently. I’ll update soon on the developments from my visit and my experiences there.